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Established in the year 2000, Degiri is a distributor of fine quality cigars based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded by genuine cigar-enthusiast, the company takes a new outlook on the world of cigars by understanding and instilling the value of history and tradition of cigar making.
The name Degiri was chosen in memory of the late Dutch family ancestry of Geert and Iris De Boer. The de Boers were devoted teachers who in the late 1800's built an an avant-garde community center out of their home to reach and shelter disadvantaged local children in the Dutch-colony Jogjakarta. They also happened to be passionate cigar smokers and an active supporters to the then newly developed cigar industry in Indonesia.
Inspired by the dedicated makers of history; Degiri seeks to shape the future of cigars. Our avid and experienced cigar connoisseurs constantly strive to find the excellent and extraordinaire, never compromising quality and passion.
Degiri is a trademark owned by PT. Bo Michael Olsson Indonesia. For more information visit www.bmolsson.com

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